The History of 'Muscat - Where Can I Find' Facebook Group

Our goal has always been to help members find what they are looking for in Muscat and across Oman through the power of our Facebook group community.

The group was started in May 2010 by Nicholla Henderson Hall and has become a knowledge centre of insight, recommendations, suggestions and experiences for the Muscat community to help them find what they are looking for. 

Today we are over 57,000 members strong and we generate on average 400 posts and 4000 comments a week.   All posts are approved before posted to the wall to ensure that the group maintains a quality list of questions & information and we are not overrun by spam.    The group is maintained by a team of 3 who regularly monitor the group to ensure that the group is compliant with Facebook and the Laws of Oman.

You can join the group via via this link.  You must be a Facebook user to be able to use the group.

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