Muscat - Where Can I Find Facebook Group - Guidelines

Be excellent to one another
Be respectful and courteous. See also: The Golden Rule. If you block any admin or moderator, you will be removed from the group. No exceptions
How to get an advertisement out to our community!
We’d love to help get your ad in front of Muscat! For info on how to advertise, visit our How to advertise blog post or email Anything promotional (even if free) constitutes an ad.
You must have a valid Trade License when presenting your businesses or offering in the group.
Businesses that do comment on posts to offer their services to a post must hold a valid Trade License. It is against Oman Law to promote services without a license. If your business is illegal you do risk being removed from the group.
Business promotion & random plugs not permitted.
Businesses, their staff, & family/friends are not permitted to comment on posts that request business recommendations.
No for sale, free, tickets, or animal rehoming
No for sale or free items, or animals. There are existing groups for that.
No public shaming/negative reviews
Please take complaints to bosses or businesses. Posts that serve to incite or inflame will not be tolerated. Those who troll, make personal attacks, threats, hate speech, etc. will be removed. This includes sending 'friend requests' or messages to members of the group when they are unwanted.
Some posts are best kept on your personal page.
This group is for the exchange of information, Muscat discussion & help.
No political posts, free political advertising or posts which do not respect the laws of the Sultanate of Oman.
Most of us are guests of this country if you are not sure if something should be posted then consult your friends, family or colleagues or ask a member of the MWCIF admin team
Be Informative: The MWCIF group has a specific purpose: the exchange of information and help. The group is not for posting your random thoughts, musings, or general negativity. Your own social media pages are perfect for those things.
Membership Courtesy: This is a privately-run group. Membership is a privilege. If you disparage the admins, moderators, or the group in general in MWCIF, on other local Facebook groups, etc you risk removal from MWCIF Facebook group.
Blocking: If you block any admins or moderators, we will remove you from MWCIF Facebook Group. There is no way to warn you because you have us blocked. We need to be able to contact and/or tag members of the group. We cannot do this if we are blocked. Information about Facebook blocking.
Rude, insulting, intimidating, bullying, harassment, violates the law, unlawful, political, libelous, antagonistic, defamatory, abusive, threatening, harmful, obscene, profane, graphic imagery, sexually oriented or racially offensive and aggressive posts/comments will be deleted and the poster or commenter will be banned. The offending party could also be prosecuted by the person offended and the full force of the law imposed. Though opinion is acceptable and encouraged we are a group with many members who may only know each other via the group. We don’t always know each other personally.
Please do not post personal contacts numbers of members or personal email addresses live on the group wall. Please send them privately.
We are still using a Facebook platform for this group and as such this group should respect the term and conditions of the Facebook platform.
Should you come to the site to seek medical or health advice please note the comments given are opinions and provided by non-medical health professionals.
You should always seek professional medical/health advice from your doctor first.
Information shared in this group is still classified as an opinion and you are encouraged to seek your own opinion or the opinion of a professional while considering the opinion of others in your decision making. Muscat – where can I find cannot be held liable for information posted by members.
Posts & Comments made by members are their own and not in any way reflect MWCIF. We are not responsible for members' comments.
Please be aware of the social media legalities of the land and that posting or tagging without consent of the person involved in the post could be reported to the authorities and in turn, be prosecuted by the member who is offended by your comment or post. THINK before you post is important here.
These guidelines are subject to amendment as and when required. We also monitor the group daily, however, if you see something we have missed or feel that it doesn’t comply with the rules of the group then please let us know so we can decide on the appropriate action.
You can contact Nicholla via the Facebook Fan page or email us at
Image provided by Gert Altman from Pixabay